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The Science behind the Technology

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a form of muscle stimulation using painless, electrical impulses. For the purpose of strength training and fitness, Body20’s ergonomic EMS machines replicate the central nervous system’s response to activate electrical impulses for rapid muscle contraction.

Body20 training programs are proven to be signifcantly more effective than any conventional gym workouts!

This is because the electro magnetic technology activates more muscle fibres in a shorter amount of time, which means your muscles work harder during the 20-minute exercise session. It’s not cheating – it’s just more efficient.

Body20 For Life

Become a Member and benefit from our Holistic offering.

Body20 members enjoy the immense benefits of progressive EMS training and continuous support from qualified Coaches who are dedicated to your fitness journey. Our Studios use weekly InBody body composition scans and our FitTrac progression tracking programme to monitor your journey and progress with us. Our holistic offering also includes the services of our Nutrition Doctor team, giving you access to personalised meal plans, supplementation and lifestyle tips.

Body20 is the market leader and largest EMS network in South Africa. We are unique because of our comprehensive service offering that includes everything you need to become stronger and fitter in only 20 minutes per session. Book a demo today and discover what it means to Activate Your Potential.

Markus van Loggerenberg

Markus van Loggerenberg

Meet Markus, the dedicated and passionate owner of Body20 Waverley. With a professional background in Rugby and over 8 years of experience in Body20 training!

Driven by the belief that dreams should be as grand as possible, Markus lives by his inspiring life quote, "How big would you dream if you knew you couldn't fail?" This philosophy reflects his optimistic and ambitious approach to both his personal and professional life.

Markus's journey with Body20 began as a personal revelation. From the very first day, he was captivated by the transformative power of Body20 training. Motivated by a desire to impact lives positively, Markus transitioned from a successful sporting career to pursue a path where he could make a difference.

Having always harbored the dream of changing at least one person's life in his lifetime, Markus now relishes the opportunity to go beyond that with Body20. His genuine passion for people is evident in his commitment to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Markus approaches each training session with enthusiasm, aiming not just to sculpt bodies but to transform lives.

As the proud owner of Body20 Waverley, it becomes more than just a fitness Studio; it transforms into a place where dreams are chased, limits are shattered, and lives are positively altered.

Chris Botha

Chris Botha

With a rich background in health and fitness, Chris has amassed a wealth of experience in the industry. Chris has dedicated years to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. This seasoned professional has a proven track record of fostering holistic wellness and promoting healthy lifestyles.

The decision to invest in a Body20 franchise stems from Chris's unwavering belief in cutting-edge technology and innovation within the fitness realm. Recognizing the transformative potential of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training, Chris was drawn to Body20 for its commitment to revolutionizing fitness experiences. The franchise's unique approach aligns seamlessly with his vision of bringing the most effective and efficient training methods to clients.

Chris is driven by the sincere desire to transform clients' lives by leveraging the power of Body20's personalized training programs. The focus extends beyond mere physical fitness, aiming to enhance overall well-being. By providing a tailored fitness journey, Chris seeks to empower individuals to overcome their fitness challenges, boost confidence, and embrace healthier lifestyles. Through Body20, Chris is on a mission to inspire lasting positive changes in the lives of members, fostering a community committed to well-rounded health and vitality.

Body20 Waverley

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